Removing the fuel sender from the fuel tank


Today I removed the fuel sender from the diesel fuel tank, with the intention of cleaning the rust out of the inside of the tank.

Removing the fuel sender was very easy, just loosen the 5 or so nuts (7mm or 8mm I think) and you are good. Once out I could see that it was in poor condition, but surprisingly it could move freely.

After removing the fuel sender I decided to clean it, and in that process what was left of the cork seal, came off, so I’ll need to source a new cork seal for this.

Secondly, the very thin steel that covers the fuel sender was perforated, so that would mean diesel could penetrate the inner workings.

I’ve applied oil to the two small bolts holding that cover in place and I’m not sure how I’ll replace that cover or repair it… any ideas gratefully accepted.

Below is job number 47-2 (PDF) which describes how to remove and install the fuel sender on the Pontons, it includes wiring information.


That’s all for now, until next time.


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