Cleaning up the Diesel filter and replacing the filter and seal inside


After doing nothing with the car for months it was time to try starting it, but before doing so, we’d make sure that the diesel filter was replaced and that the clean fuel was flowing.

Cleaning up the Diesel Filter

I had help from my neighbor Peter, and we removed the Diesel Filter housing, bringing it back to his garage where it was disassembled and cleaned. In this photo the Diesel Filter has been removed and just behind it you can see the High Pressure Diesel Pump.

After cleaning, Peter re-assembled it and fitted new parts where necessary.

The rubber seal was not in good shape, you should always replace these when replacing the filter

here’s one of the valves cleaned up

Peter doing what he does best 🙂

More bits from the Diesel Filter.

The inside view.

Before cleaning up on the outside.

In the photo below all the internal bits have been removed for cleaning, there’s a spring assembly to hold the filter in place.

And below is the finished product, looking new again !