One piston is stuck, so it’s head off time.

The car had only just got back to my house when my neighbor Peter asked me if his friend (a diesel expert) could take a look at it to see if the high pressure diesel pump really was the problem. Anyhow, they rolled it over to their garage (a couple of hundred meters away from my house) and tried to turn over the engine.

It didn’t.  🙁

Clearly between the time we tried to start the car (july 2017 maybe) and this, something happened, like dampness and it meant that one or more pistons got stuck. So I was asked if it would be ok to remove the head, I said ok do it.

I want this car to run !.

So Today I got my first look at the car without it’s head, one of the 4 pistons is stuck, it’s the 2nd from the left in this photo. All the others move.

So the engine  has it’s head off, the bonnet removed, and quite honestly it looks bare bones now. This is it, all or nothing. I’m really hoping and praying that Calle and Peter can easily fix the stuck piston and get the engine running again, I’ve ordered a new head gasket and water pump.

Here are some more photos I took of it today.

doesn’t it look bare…

another view

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