The engine needs to come out…

Wow, this is depressing news. So I knew that the piston was stuck due to dampness getting in the engine last year, but now it seems that in order to release the stuck piston, that the engine must come out, it’s not possible to remove the oil pan beneath to gain access to the piston from below, and that means the engine must be removed from the car.

That of course means more money down the drain, and in addition to this, there’s a stuck valve. The guy fixing it (Calle) asked me should I proceed or not, and I really really want this car to drive, so I bit my lip and said please continue. I’m only hoping that this won’t cost me an arm and a leg.

Here are some photos of the head of engine today showing the stuck valve.

The stuck valve is the one that sat directly above the stuck piston.

Here’s a view of the valve rockers

And the thermostat