The pistons are out, the crankshaft is out

The engine was removed from the car back in the start of the summer (2018) and now… finally I can report that all pistons are out and that the engine has passed a pressure test, so it’s good to go, just need to replace:

  • piston rings
  • gasket seals
  • frost plugs
  • water pump
  • water pump seal

and I’m sure… some other things.

Here are a few photos of the engine as I saw it today.

In the below pic you can see the engine casing, the red paint is flaking but that’s OK.

It can be cleaned up later when the engine is back together again.

The 5 main circles below are the frost plugs, they are there to ‘pop out’ should the water in the engine freeze. They all need to be replaced, and I’ve ordered those parts. The mechanic tested them by tapping each one with a hammer/screwdriver and could ‘hear’ when one was bad.

When they are bad they sound hollow.

Below you can see the piston’s, they are 75.94mm in size and the piston bearings are OK.

I’ve ordered new piston rings.

Another view of the 4 pistons.

And here’s a view of the engine block.

The 4 cylinders have been honed and pressure tested, so all is good, just need to get it all back together again.

And here’s what a ‘frost plug’ looks like when you remove it, lots of rust behind, and all of the frost plugs will be removed, and cleaned and then replaced with new ones.

thanks for reading !