a quick look at the car


I have been away in Singapore (working) for a month between mid November and mid December, then a few days in Australia (visiting family) before coming back to the cold, dark winter of Sweden, and of course I haven’t spent any time with the car during that time.

Today I decided to pay the car a visit and here are some photos of that, I also found a ‘bilprovning’ paper (car road safety test) from 1992, and it passed with flying colours and with a mileage of approx 33700 kilometers, which means it was last driving 25 years ago, not 30 as I was led to believe by the son of the owner. This car road safety test also stated that the last previous test it had was in 1981, so perhaps the car was standing still for 10 years or so, who knows, it’s just interesting to find these things, as they make up the history of the car.

Also I found a rusty key in the glove box but I don’t know what the key is used for, I’ll test it when the weather gets better. I’ll take a photos of the key and the papers found next time I’m there, but for now, here are a few photos of the car.

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